AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter, Sugar Level Monitoring System with Hyperglycemic Alarms, No Coding, 8000-02649

AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter, Sugar Level Monitoring System with Hyperglycemic Alarms, No Coding, 8000-02649


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The AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter delivers quick and accurate test results in just 4 seconds (though in certain conditions, it may take up to 12 seconds).This meter offers all the features including a tiny 0.5μL sample size and the convenience of alternate site testing. One standout feature is that it requires no coding, simplifying the testing process. The ergonomic design ensures easy handling. With a host of practical features, such as large backlit display, storage for up to 300 results, and various averaging options, it provides comprehensive support for glucose monitoring. Additionally, it allows up to 6 users to set up alarms and provides notifications for hypo and hyperglycemic events.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for coding, making glucose testing simpler and more convenient.
  • With a tiny 0.5μL sample size, this meter minimizes discomfort during testing.
  • It delivers test results in as little as 4 seconds, ensuring you get the information you need promptly.
  • This feature allows you to test on sites other than your fingertips, giving your fingers a break and increasing testing flexibility.
  • The meter can store up to 300 test results, allowing you to track your glucose levels over time.
  • It provides 14, 30, and 90-day averages, helping you monitor your glucose trends and overall control.
  • Visual representations of your glucose data aid in understanding your patterns and managing your condition effectively.
  • Up to 6 users can set up alarms and use the meter, making it suitable for households with multiple individuals managing diabetes.
  • The meter offers notifications for low and high glucose levels, enhancing safety and awareness.


  • Result Time: 4 seconds (may take up to 12 seconds in some conditions)
  • Sample Size: 0.5μL
  • Test Storage: Up to 300 results
  • Averaging: 14, 30, and 90-day averages
  • User Alarms: Up to 6 users can set alarms
  • Hypo/Hyperglycemic Alarms: Notifies users of low and high glucose levels
  • Brand: AgaMatrix
  • MPN: 8000-02649

Importance of Blood Glucose Meter

The AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter plays a crucial role in the lives of individuals managing diabetes. Its no coding feature simplifies testing, reducing the risk of errors, while a small 0.5μL sample size ensures minimal discomfort during testing. Quick results in as little as 4 seconds empower users to make timely decisions regarding insulin dosage and dietary choices. The meter's versatility, data tracking capabilities, and visual insights through on-screen graphing contribute to better diabetes management. It accommodates multiple users, making it suitable for households with varying diabetes needs, and its safety alerts enhance overall well-being. This meter combines convenience, accuracy, and user-friendliness, making it an essential tool for individuals striving to maintain optimal glucose levels and overall health.

Significance of No-Coding Technology

No-coding technology in a blood glucose monitoring system eliminates the need for users to manually enter a code or calibration factor when using a new batch of test strips. This technology simplifies the testing process and reduces the risk of errors that could occur if the code is entered incorrectly. It ensures that each test strip is recognized and calibrated automatically by the meter, leading to more accurate and reliable blood glucose readings. No-coding systems are user-friendly, making them an excellent choice for individuals who value convenience and accuracy in their diabetes management.

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