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Diabetes insulin syringes are used for quick and efficient delivery of insulin into the human body. Syringes offered in our store come in different needle gauges (thickness), needle lengths, and barrel sizes. Needle length is a pretty straightforward attribute, the bigger the number the longer the needle. Insulin syringe needle lengths are 1/4in (6mm) also known as 15/64in (6mm), 5/16in (8mm), 1/2in (12.7mm), 5/8in (15.9mm), and the largest is 1in (25.4mm). Barrel size (capacity) is also an easy to understand feature of the syringe. The larger the barrel the more liquid (insulin) it can hold. There's only 3 conventional barrel sizes (capacities) available. Smallest is 3/10cc (0.3mL), then 1/2cc (0.5mL), and the largest is 1cc (1mL). Needle gauge is where things get a little trickier as the gauge number is opposite to size (needle diameter). Bigger gauge means thinner needle diameter, while smaller gauge would be a thicker needle. A 31G (0.25mm) needle gauge would be much thinner than a 25G (0.5mm). Insulin syringe features do not end with just the length, gauge and barrel capacity. Different brands (manufacturers) offer different features. At Discreet Diabetes Supplies we sell a wide variety of the most popular brands of insulin syringes, and we try to make your shopping experience and selection as easy and convenient as possible while having some of the cheapest and highly discounted prices.
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