Medical Indicators Tempa.Dot Thermometer with Fahrenheit Scale, Oral and Axillary, 5122

Medical Indicators

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The Medical Indicators Tempa.Dot Thermometer is a single-use, non-sterile thermometer designed for both oral and axillary temperature measurements. These thermometers are individually wrapped, ensuring sterility and preventing the transfer of micro-organisms between patients through contaminated thermometry products. The soft, flexible, and nontoxic design makes them ideal for oral and axillary use, accurately assessing temperatures in as little as 60 seconds. Tempa.Dot products are widely used worldwide to contribute to the prevention of hospital-acquired infections.

Features and Benefits

  • Individually Wrapped: Each Tempa.Dot™ Thermometer is individually wrapped, ensuring sterility and preventing the transfer of micro-organisms between patients. This feature is crucial for infection control in healthcare settings.
  • Soft and Flexible: The thermometers are soft and flexible, making them comfortable for patients during oral and axillary temperature measurements. This feature enhances patient comfort during the assessment.
  • Non-toxic Design: The thermometers are constructed using non-toxic materials, ensuring patient safety and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.
  • Quick Temperature Assessment: Tempa.Dot™ Thermometers provide quick and accurate temperature assessments, delivering results in just 60 seconds. This rapid assessment is beneficial for both healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Versatile Usage: These thermometers are suitable for oral and axillary temperature measurements, making them versatile tools for assessing temperatures in patients of all ages, from infants to adults.
  • Infection Prevention: By providing single-use, non-sterile thermometers that are individually wrapped, Tempa.Dot™ products contribute significantly to the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. This feature is of paramount importance in healthcare environments.
  • Cost-Effective: The one-time use design eliminates the need for cleaning and recalibration, making Tempa.Dot™ Thermometers a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities.
  • Safe for Patients: The non-toxic design and soft, flexible structure make these thermometers safe and comfortable for patients.
  • Time-Efficient: With a quick temperature assessment time of 60 seconds, healthcare professionals can efficiently monitor patient temperatures.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: By reducing the risk of cross-infection, these thermometers contribute to safer and more effective patient care.
  • Reliable Assessment: The thermometers are designed for reliable temperature assessment, providing healthcare professionals with confidence in their diagnostic tools.


  • Type: Single-use, Non-sterile
  • Measurement Method: Oral and Axillary
  • Temperature Scale: Fahrenheit
  • Contents: 100 Thermometers per Box
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Designed for one-time use
  • Provides accurate temperature assessment in 60 seconds
  • Brand: Medical Indicators
  • MPN: 5122


The Medical Indicators Tempa.Dot Thermometer plays a crucial role in infection control within healthcare settings. By providing individually wrapped, single-use thermometers, the risk of patient cross-infection is significantly reduced. These thermometers are particularly well-suited for oral and axillary use in assessing temperatures, making them versatile tools for healthcare professionals. In a healthcare environment where preventing hospital-acquired infections is of paramount importance, the use of sterile, single-use thermometers can contribute to safer patient care.

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