Sigvaris Men's Calf-High Diabetic Compression Socks

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Sigvaris Men's Calf-High Diabetic Compression Socks

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Sigvaris Men's Calf-High Diabetic Compression Socks


The Sigvaris Men's Calf-High Diabetic Compression Socks represent a thoughtful solution for individuals managing diabetes and experiencing lower extremity edema. These compression socks are designed to address specific concerns associated with diabetes while prioritizing comfort and leg health.

Features and Benefits

  • These socks feature a non-irritating toe seam and a non-binding top-band. This ensures that wearers experience minimal discomfort, allowing for extended wear without compromising foot health.
  • Utilizing Drirelease technology, these compression socks provide effective moisture-wicking properties. This feature contributes to maintaining a dry and comfortable foot environment, a crucial factor for individuals with diabetes.
  • Drirelease not only manages moisture but also helps control odor. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may experience foot odor-related concerns.
  • The socks come with a thick, padded sole, offering additional protection to the feet. This padding contributes to minimizing pressure, enhancing overall comfort, and providing support where needed.
  • Tailored with the diabetic patient in mind, these compression socks are suitable for individuals managing diabetes. The design takes into account the unique needs and sensitivities of those with diabetes.


  • Size: Available in Large Long and XL Long sizes, accommodating calf circumferences
  • Color: The socks are presented in a classic white color.
  • Compression: With a compression level of 18 to 25 mmHg, these socks offer the necessary support to address lower extremity edema.
  • Brand: Sigvaris


Effectively managing diabetes involves a holistic approach, and foot health is a critical aspect of this care. Individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk of complications such as infections, ulcers, and circulatory issues, emphasizing the necessity of proper foot care. Sigvaris Men's Calf-High Diabetic Compression Socks play a pivotal role in addressing specific concerns associated with diabetes. The statistically significant decreases in calf, ankle, and foot circumferences demonstrate the socks' effectiveness in managing lower extremity edema, providing essential compression support. The non-irritating toe seam and non-binding top-band contribute to overall comfort, minimizing the risk of friction-related injuries. Additionally, features like moisture-wicking, odor control, and a thick, padded sole enhance the well-being of individuals with diabetes by preventing issues related to moisture, odors, and pressure.

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