Prodigy Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding

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Prodigy Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding

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Prodigy Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding


Prodigy Test Strips are a vital component of the Prodigy Glucose Monitoring System, designed for the quantitative measurement of glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these no-code test strips are consistent, reliable, and work seamlessly with the entire Prodigy family of meters, including Prodigy AutoCode, Pocket, and Voice. The innovative 3-lead technology ensures accurate results from recently drawn blood samples, with the capillary action automatically drawing blood into the test strip for safer and more precise outcomes. Prodigy diabetic test strips eliminate the need for coding, offering a user-friendly experience that delivers accurate blood sugar testing results in as little as seven seconds.

Features and Benefits

  • Prodigy Test Strips eliminate the need for coding, streamlining the testing process and enhancing user convenience.
  • Works with all Prodigy meters, including Prodigy AutoCode, Pocket, and Voice, providing a versatile solution for diabetes management.
  • Offers flexibility by allowing users to perform tests on alternate sites such as the thigh, forearm, or calf, reducing pain susceptibility.
  • The capillary action of Prodigy test strips simplifies testing, automatically drawing the blood sample into the strip for accurate and reliable results.
  • Only 0.7 μL of blood is required for testing, minimizing discomfort and making the process more manageable.
  • Delivers results in just 7 seconds, providing timely information for effective diabetes management.
  • Incorporates advanced glucose oxidase technology and a 3-lead measuring system for precise and consistent results.
  • Prodigy glucose test strips are cost-effective, reducing mistakes and saving patients money while consistently producing reliable results.
  • The user-friendly design ensures ease of use, allowing users to insert the strips into the meter and proceed with testing without the need for coding.
  • Manufactured with a focus on high-quality materials, ensuring consistency and compatibility with Prodigy meters.


  • Technology: Glucose oxidase technology with a 3-lead measuring system
  • Compatibility: Works with Prodigy AutoCode, Pocket, and Voice meters
  • Blood Sample Size: 0.7 μL (microliters)
  • Testing Time: Results in 7 seconds
  • Coding: No coding required
  • Alternate Site Testing (AST): Approved for testing on alternate sites (fingertips, palm, forearm, thigh, lower leg)
  • Ease of Use: Capillary action technology for easy blood application
  • Accuracy: Engineered for consistent and precise results
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of handling and testing process
  • Sip-In Sampling: Ensures the right amount of blood on the first try
  • Storage: Easy to open flip-top bottle to keep test strips fresh for a longer period
  • Brand: Prodigy Diabetes Care
  • MPN: 52800


Living with diabetes becomes more manageable with Prodigy Test Strips, providing affordability, accuracy, and reliability in blood glucose testing. The no-code feature, quick results, and compatibility with various Prodigy meters contribute to a seamless and confident diabetes management experience. Prodigy diabetic test strips are particularly beneficial for those paying out of pocket for testing supplies, offering consistent and durable results that contribute to overall savings.

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