Owen Mumford Autolet Impression Adjustable Lancing Device, Comfort Zone Technology, 7 Customizable Penetration Depth Settings, AT0270

Owen Mumford

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Introducing the Owen Mumford Autolet Impression Adjustable Lancing Device, designed for maximum comfort and control during blood sample collection, promoting regular glucose testing. This device features Comfort Zone Technology (CZT), ensuring virtually painless testing. CZT, represented by eight raised dots, sends a powerful message of comfort to the brain, masking the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet. With a force adjustment feature, users can control the speed and force of the lancet, offering ultimate control. The device also boasts seven penetration depth settings, allowing users to tailor their experience. Its compact design ensures discretion and ease of carrying.

Features and Benefits

  • Eight raised dots for virtually painless testing.
  • Customize lancet speed and force for user comfort.
  • Seven options for personalized testing.
  • Discreet and easy to carry, promoting portability.


  • Technology: Comfort Zone Technology (CZT).
  • Adjustment: Force adjustment feature for personalized testing.
  • Depth Settings: Seven penetration depth options.
  • Design: Compact and portable for on-the-go testing.
  • Brand: Owen Mumford
  • MPN: AT0270


The Owen Mumford Autolet Impression Adjustable Lancing Device is designed to redefine the blood testing experience, prioritizing user comfort and control. The Comfort Zone Technology (CZT) ensures virtually painless testing, promoting regular glucose testing. The force adjustment feature allows users to customize the lancet's speed and force, enhancing overall comfort during testing. With seven penetration depth settings and a compact design, this device offers a personalized and discreet testing experience. Elevate your blood testing routine with this advanced and user-friendly device, available at Discreet Diabetes Supplies. Check our online store for more discounted medical items!

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