PharmaTech Solutions GenUltimate Blood Glucose Test Strips (1200 count)

PharmaTech Solutions GenUltimate 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips

PharmaTech Solutions

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Designed for use with OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2 and UltraMini meters.

GenUltimate! test strips use the same small sample size and fast results as the name brand strips. At 80% less than the cost of the name brand test strip, GenUltimate! test strips are the best value in testing supplies. GenUltimate! test strips give healthcare providers peace of mind in knowing that their patients are recieving the care they need at a price that they can afford. Low cost testing supplies means patients can afford to test more frequently, providing a more accurate picture of health, and a healthier and happier life. GenUltimate! test strips are covered by most insurance policies but are priced low enough to benefit uninsured or under-insured customers. Get the care you deserve at the ultimate low price.

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