iSens CareSens Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding

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iSens CareSens Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding

iSens CareSens Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding


Simplify your blood glucose testing with CareSens N Glucose Test Strips, compatible with all CareSens blood glucose meters. These test strips, available in quantities of 50 and 100, require no coding, ensuring a streamlined testing process and reducing the risk of errors due to user miscoding. Designed for simple handling, the CareSens N test strips automatically draw the blood sample, making the testing experience convenient and user-friendly. Affordable and delivering clinically accurate results in just 5 seconds, CareSens N Test Strips offer a quick and reliable solution for individuals managing diabetes.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the risk of errors due to user miscoding, ensuring accurate and reliable blood glucose results.
  • Requires a minimal blood sample, making the testing process more comfortable and less invasive for users.
  • Provides quick and efficient monitoring, allowing users to obtain results in just seconds for timely health management.
  • Designed for user convenience, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free testing experience.
  • Offers flexibility by allowing users to test on alternate sites, reducing discomfort associated with testing in the same spot.
  • Delivers accurate and reliable results, providing users with confidence in their blood glucose monitoring.
  • Offers flexibility to users based on their testing needs, providing options for both convenience and extended supply.
  • Ensures versatility, allowing users to use the test strips with any CareSens blood glucose meter for seamless integration.


              • Sample Size Needed: 0.5 uL
              • Test Time: Rapid 5-second results
              • Design: Easy-to-handle for user convenience
              • Coding: No coding required, reducing the risk of errors
              • Accuracy: Clinically accurate results for reliable monitoring
              • Alternate Site Testing: Option available for added flexibility
              • Brand: iSens
              • MPN: CARESENSN

              Available Quantity

              • 50 CareSens N Test Strips
              • 100 CareSens N Test Strips


              CareSens N Test Strips play a pivotal role in simplifying blood glucose testing, ensuring a user-friendly experience for individuals managing diabetes. The availability in both 50 and 100-test strip quantities provides flexibility based on individual needs. With a minimal sample size of 0.5 uL, rapid test time, and no coding requirements, these strips offer quick, efficient, and reliable monitoring. The automatic blood sample draw and affordability make CareSens N Test Strips an accessible choice for effective blood glucose management.

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