Trividia Health True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter, Ketone Test Reminder, No Coding Required

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The Trividia Health True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter provides individuals with diabetes a dependable means to monitor blood glucose levels efficiently and accurately. This user-friendly system offers a rapid 4-second test time, requires just a tiny 0.5µL sample, and allows alternate site testing for comfort. It is designed for self-monitoring at home, with features including data storage, averaging options, event tagging, testing reminders, audible fill detection, and control detection. Importantly, it is not intended for diabetes diagnosis or neonatal use, and it includes a ketone test reminder for those needing ketone level monitoring, making it a comprehensive and essential tool for managing diabetes effectively.

Features and Benefits

  • No Coding Required: Do not require coding, making them convenient and user-friendly for glucose testing.
  • Quick Test Time: Offer a fast test time, with results available in as little as 4 seconds. This feature allows for efficient and timely monitoring of blood glucose levels.
  • Small Sample Size: Require a small sample size of 0.5µL (microliters), which minimizes discomfort during blood collection.
  • Alternate Site Testing: Allow for alternate site testing, which means users can choose to test from either their fingertip or forearm. This flexibility can be more comfortable for users.
  • Intended for Self-Monitoring: Products are intended for self-monitoring of blood glucose levels by individuals with diabetes. They are designed for at-home use to aid in monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes control.
  • Data Storage: Capacity to store up to 500 results with time and date stamps, allowing users to track their glucose levels over time.
  • Averaging Options: Offer 7, 14, and 30-day averaging of test results, which helps users get a better understanding of their glucose control trends.
  • Event Tagging: Provide the option for event tagging, allowing users to record specific conditions or events associated with their glucose readings.
  • Testing Reminders: Feature 4 testing reminder alarms, which can be helpful for users in establishing a testing routine.
  • Audible Fill Detection: Assists users in ensuring that they have an adequate blood sample for testing.
  • Control Detection: Ability to detect control solution, which is important for quality assurance in glucose testing.
  • Ketone Test Reminder: Include a ketone test reminder, which can be crucial for individuals who need to monitor ketone levels, especially in cases of diabetic ketoacidosis.
  • Strip Release Button: Feature a strip release button, making it easier for users to discard used test strips.
  • Download Capabilities: Allowing users to transfer their glucose data to compatible devices or software for further analysis and record-keeping.


  • Sample size: 0.5 microliters
  • Testing time: As fast as 4 seconds
  • Memory capacity: 500 results with time/date stamp
  • Averaging options: 7-, 14-, and 30-day
  • Event tagging: Yes
  • Reminder alarms: 4
  • Audible fill detection: Yes
  • Control detection: Yes
  • Ketone test reminder: Yes
  • Strip release button: Yes
  • Download capabilities: Yes
  • Brand: Trividia Health

Importance of Blood Glucose Meter

Trividia Health True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter hold significant importance in diabetes management. These common features, including rapid test times, small sample sizes, data storage, averaging options, event tagging, testing reminders, audible fill detection, control detection, ketone test reminders, strip release buttons, and data download capabilities, collectively provide users with a consistent and familiar experience in glucose monitoring. This standardization simplifies the transition and ensures reliable and efficient tracking of glucose levels. These characteristics not only streamline the monitoring process but also contribute to effective self-management, promoting better diabetes control and improved overall health for individuals with diabetes.

Available Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter

  • True Metrix NFRs Blood Glucose Meter-Primarily consists of the meter itself and may not include these additional components in the standard package.
  • True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose System- Comes as a comprehensive kit that includes additional items such as the True Metrix Meter, Lancing Device, lancets, instructions for use, log book, and carrying case, providing users with all the necessary components for glucose monitoring in one package.

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