Accu-Chek Advantage Self-Test Diary Diabetic Logbook, Records Up To 15 Weeks Of Activity, 5900504

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Accu-Chek Advantage Self-Test Diary Diabetic Logbook, Records Up To 15 Weeks Of Activity, 5900504

Accu-Chek Advantage Self-Test Diary Diabetic Logbook, Records Up To 15 Weeks Of Activity, 5900504


The Accu-Chek Advantage Self-Test Diary Diabetic Logbook is an essential tool for individuals managing their diabetes. This logbook is designed to help users keep a detailed record of their blood glucose levels and daily events like meals and exercise. By maintaining this log, individuals can observe trends, track their results, and assess whether their diabetes management program is effective. The logbook provides ample space to record blood sugar checks, medications, meals, and insulin dosages, along with comments. It's a convenient, compact, and quick way to share results with healthcare professionals, ensuring that both patients and doctors have a comprehensive overview of the user's diabetic management.

Features and Benefits

  • Daily Event Tracking: This logbook helps users keep track of daily events like meals and exercises while recording blood glucose results, providing a holistic view of their diabetes management.
  • Monitoring Blood Glucose Ranges: Users can easily check how often their blood glucose levels fall within or outside the desired range, offering insights into their health.
  • Goal Setting and Adjustments: The logbook allows individuals to set goals and make suitable adjustments based on the trends and results observed over time.
  • Comparing Results: By recording and comparing results over time, users and healthcare professionals can evaluate the effectiveness of the diabetes management program.
  • Share Results: The logbook is an ideal tool for sharing results with healthcare teams, ensuring they have access to comprehensive data for better decision-making.
  • Convenient Size: The logbook is compact and easy to transport, making it a practical companion for those managing diabetes on the go.
  • Up to 15 Weeks of Activity: Users can record up to 15 weeks' worth of activity, providing a substantial history for analysis and decision-making.


  • Usage: For tracking blood glucose levels, meals, medication, and daily events
  • Record Duration: Up to 15 weeks of activity
  • Size: Compact and easy to transport
  • Material: High-quality paper and binding
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with various blood glucose monitoring devices
  • Pages: Multiple pages for recording data
  • Cover: Durable and protective cover for long-lasting use
  • Dimensions: Standard logbook size for easy storage and access
  • Brand: Accu-Chek Diabetes Care
  • MPN: 5900504


The Accu-Chek Advantage Self-Test Diary Diabetic Logbook is of significant importance for individuals with diabetes. Keeping a detailed record of blood glucose levels, daily events, and medication dosages allows for better management and control of the condition. It serves as a tool for both users and healthcare professionals to monitor trends, make adjustments, and set goals. Sharing these records with care teams ensures that individuals receive the best possible care and support for their diabetes management. Additionally, the logbook provides a tangible means of understanding how daily events impact blood glucose, helping users make informed decisions about their diet, exercise, and medication routines.

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