DeRoyal Stax Clear Plastic Finger Splint, Size 3, 9121-03

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DeRoyal Stax Clear Plastic Finger Splint, Size 3, 9121-03

DeRoyal Stax Clear Plastic Finger Splint, Size 3, 9121-03


Introducing the DeRoyal Stax Clear Plastic Finger Splint, a specialized solution designed to protect the distal phalanx and extend the DIP joint. Crafted from clear plastic, this finger splint offers unique advantages, including an open tip that permits examination of the fingertip and nailbed.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects the distal phalanx and extends the DIP joint, addressing fingertip injuries and nailbed injuries.
  • Clear plastic construction for visibility and easy examination of the fingertip and nailbed.
  • Nonsterile for versatile use in various settings.


  • Size: 3
  • Material: Clear Plastic.
  • Sterilization: Nonsterile.
  • MPN: 9121-03

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How Does a Finger Splint Help Recovery From Injury?

A finger splint can be very effective in helping recovery from injury or conditions such as trigger finger, as the splint will help to maintain the finger or thumb in a neutral position.

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