Nipro TRUEbalance Blood Glucose Test Strips (1200 count)

Trividia TRUEbalance 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips True Balance

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Trividia TRUEbalance® Blood Glucose Test Strips are designed with patented TRUEfill® and Quad-Electrode technology and are used with TRUEbalance Meters to quantitatively measure whole blood glucose. TRUEbalance can be used for self-testing at home or for professional use. TRUEfill design allows for precise sampling and promotes first-test success and accurate results. Quad-Electrode technology prevents false starts and testing errors. 98% of the people who evaluated the True Balance system said the overall testing procedure was “easy” or “very easy”.

• TRUEbalance is easy to handle
• 1μL Small Blood Sample
• 10 sec Test Time
• Hydrophilic Coating promotes fast blood absorption
• Accurate and precise with patented Quad-Electrode technology.
• Meter measures and corrects for environmental variations.
• Innovative TRUEfill® beveled tip design allows for precise entry of blood sample
• Audible fill detection, meter beeps when proper blood sample is detected.
• No coding system

Meter Compatibility
Only use TRUEbalance Test Strips with TRUEbalance Meters and TRUEcontrol® Control. Using other Meters or Control may give inaccurate results.

Important Information
Each Trividia TRUEbalance® blood glucose test strip is for single use only, do not reuse them. Do not wipe test strips with water, alcohol or any cleaner. Do not attempt to remove blood or control sample from test strips to clean and reuse. Reuse of test strips will cause inaccurate results. TRUEbalance is for in vitro diagnostic use only. Do not consume.

Caring for Test Strips
• Use test strip quickly after removing from vial. Recap vial right away. Strips left outside of vial too long may give an error message.
• Strips must be kept in original vial, with vial cap tightly sealed. Never transfer strips from one vial to another.
• Write date opened on test strip vial label when removing first strip.
• Discard all unused test strips in vial after date printed on the strip vial label, or 120 days after date opened, if either date has passed.
• Store strip vials in a dry place at room temperature below 86°f (30°c).
• Do not refrigerate or freeze. Do not store in bathroom or kitchen.
• Do not expose to extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight, or high humidity for any length of time.
• Do not reuse test strips.
• Do not bend, cut or alter test strips in any way.

Quality Control (QC) Testing
There are two quality control tests to let you know that the System is working properly.

Quality Control Test: Automatic Self-Test
An automatic self-test is performed each time a TRUEbalance Test Strip is inserted into a TRUEbalance Meter. Upon inserting a Strip into the Test Port, if all segments appear and the Drop Symbol appears in the Display, the Meter is working properly.

Quality Control Test: Control
TRUEcontrol Glucose Control is used to check testing technique and System performance. When Control results fall within ranges found on Test Strip vial label of Test Strips being used, System is working properly and testing technique is good. See Owner’s Booklet or TRUEcontrol Glucose Control Instructions for Use for more information on Control Testing.

Important Quality Control Information
There are three levels of TRUEcontrol Glucose Control available that contain known amounts of glucose. It is important to perform Control Tests with more than one level of Control to assure your System is working properly and your testing technique is good.

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