Trividia TRUEtrack 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips True Track

Trividia TRUEtrack 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips True Track

Trividia Health

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Nipro Diagnostics TRUEtrack® Smart System Test Strip, 1μL Small Blood Sample, Hydrophilic Coating, Patented Beveled Tip, Patented Quad-Electrode Technology

High-performance testing and clinical accuracy can also be affordable. TRUEtrack® test strips, featuring patented TRUEfill™ technology, have proven clinical accuracy and, now, are more affordable than many other brands. Most importantly, they make testing easy – 98% of patients rated testing procedure with TRUEtrack strips "easy" or "very easy".

Easy to handle.
Requires only a 1μL blood sample to provide fast, accurate results.
Patented TRUEfill® technology.
Costs up to 30% less than competitors.
Clinically proven accuracy –100% of first time users obtained clinically accurate results.
Hydrophilic Coating - promotes fast blood absorption.
Patented Beveled Tip - less surface area for more focused blood draw.
Patented Quad-Electrode Technology - prevent false starts and testing errors.
Capillary action quickly and easily draws the blood sample onto the blood glucose test strip, and the meter’s audible fill detection signals that enough blood has been drawn.

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